MKS Quote for 12/7

A majority of mankind lives in the world without; few have found the world within, and yet it is the world within that makes the world without; it is therefore creative and everything which you find in your world without has been created by you in the world within. – Charles Haanel, Master Key System 1:35


MKS Quotes 11/30

This is true because we must “be” before we can “do,” and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think.” ~ Charles Haanel, The Master Key System

MKS: Your Journey

Hey everyone,

I stopped posting a few weeks ago and have begun working on a project I will be launching in January. I will begin posting again regularly in January with some new insights and ideas about the master key system and how I can guide you thru it.

In the meantime, if you are on this journey I am curious; what week are you on? are you having any difficulties? Do you have any questions I could help you with??

Please comment below or go to the Facebook page and comment or ask. Also, how many of you would be interested in starting again in January?? – I was thinking of breaking it down into four 6 week sessions. Would love your feedback.

Do not fear

Week 3

Your solar plexus is the center of your self esteem, willpower and self discipline. This is the heart and soul of your subconscious thinking.

When your solar plexus is blocked, you have low self esteem, are highly sensitive, and are prone to anxiety, depression and addiction.

Someone with a solar plexus that is open and balanced radiates courage, power, health, strength and harmony. They will not fear criticism from others because they are confident in their abilities and know that they have the strength to overcome any challenge.

Our solar plexus becomes balanced by meditation, exercise, visualization, affirmations and deep breathing.


*This week*

Daily meditation: Relax

~ This blog is a 10 week program based on the first 10 chapters of the book “The Master Key System” written by Charles Haanel. It was one of the first books to mention the “law of attraction” and is one of the finest studies in personal power, creating abundance and wealth that exists.