That Gut Feeling

Week 3

Your thoughts are part of you, it’s physical. Conscious and subconscious thoughts originate in our physical bodies. Conscious thought is the organ of our cerebrospinal system – the collection of nerves connecting our brain to our spinal cord having its center in our brain. It is through this channel that we perceive our five senses.

Our subconscious has its center in our sympathetic system which is the bundle of nerves located in the back of our stomach. It’s center is known as the solar plexus. This is the source of our intuition and that “gut feeling”.

The two systems are connected by the Vagus nerve which travels from the brain, branches out to the heart and lungs, passes through our diaphragm and connects to our solar plexus. Thus connecting our conscious and subconscious systems and thoughts.

*This week*
Daily meditation: Relax


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