Week 2

img_4879Conscious Mind

Our conscious mind uses our five senses and directs our outward life. We use it to make choices, analyze, deduce and reason. It also has the power to direct the subconscious mind, thus becoming the “watchman at the gate” or ruler of the subconscious.

By consciously directing our thoughts, we can influence and change the direction of our life.

When we do this, (consciously direct our thoughts) we place our mind in harmony with the universal mind, utilizing the power of our creative mind to set in motion forces to bring about the desired outcome.

The Master Key System

“13. Not only can it impress other minds, but it can direct the subconscious mind. In this way the conscious mind becomes the responsible ruler and guardian of the subconscious mind. It is this high function which can completely reverse conditions in your life.”

*This week* 
Daily meditation: Inhibit thoughts

This blog is a 10 week program based on the first 10 chapters of the book “The Master Key System” written by Charles Haanel. It was one of the first books to mention the “law of attraction” and is one of the finest studies in personal power, creating abundance and wealth that exists.

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