World of Abundance

Week 10

We live in a world full of abundance. When we look around at nature, we see it. Millions of flowers, millions of birds, millions of animals. Yet many live with a scarcity mindset. They believe that there isn’t enough to go around.

Many people fail to see the abundance around them or to realize that abundance is the very nature of our existence.

It all comes down to power. “All wealth is the offspring of power”. The key to achieving more (more wealth, more love, more health) is the knowledge of cause and effect and the realization that our minds connect us with everything. We posses power by just being alive.

Every thought has power. Every action we take has power. So we be, we think, and we do –utilizing physical, mental and spiritual powers to obtain our desired results.

This blog is a 10 week program based on the first 10 chapters of the book “The Master Key System” written by Charles Haanel in 1916. It was one of the first books to mention the “law of attraction” and is one of the finest studies in personal power, creating abundance and wealth that exists. 
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We will begin week one again on October 9, 2017


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