Words become flesh

Week 5

You have the power to solve any problem you have. The “key” is listening and directing your thoughts, otherwise you are just drifting. 

The words others say, the words we listen to in songs, tv, internet … have an impact on us. Words are received by our conscious and passed onto our subconscious where they become part of our sympathetic system and built into our physical body. The words we say and hear eventually become part of us, they become flesh.

So we are a result of past thinking, past generations of inherited thoughts that have been influenced by the words others. In order to change our future we should change our words and thoughts today. 

This week’s meditation:

Happy place


~ This blog is a 10 week program based on the first 10 chapters of the book “The Master Key System” written by Charles Haanel. It was one of the first books to mention the “law of attraction” and is one of the finest studies in personal power, creating abundance and wealth that exists.~

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