Q&A – week 1

Q: I find that when I try to sit still, I twitch or move involuntarily. What can I do to stop that?

A: Part of this exercise is encouraging us to live in the present moment. Being aware of what our body is doing right now and teaching us to be aware of what is happening with our body. When we move, we should be using our mind to return to sitting still. It's part of the process.  

Also, as we carry out this exercise we become aware of the things in our body we can't control with our mind. Things like breathing, blinking, blood flowing, heart pumping, etc. So let it go, and just be aware. 


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This blog is a 10 week program based on the first 10 chapters of the book “The Master Key System” written by Charles Haanel. It was one of the first books to mention the “law of attraction” and is one of the finest studies in personal power, creating abundance and wealth that exists.
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