Practice makes perfect 

Week 6

I have so much to do in my day that I am often overwhelmed and have difficulty blocking out time to do the exercises. I want to share that I’ve been doing and I hope it helps someone. I have been doing the exercise in bed each morning before I rise and again each evening before I go to sleep. I set my alarm to wake up earlier and I lay perfectly still for 15 or more minutes. I change negative thoughts to positive ones or visualize – whatever the exercise is for that week. I now find myself shifting my thoughts in the middle of the day.

Most of the time our attention is scattered. But in order to be successful, in order to overcome obstacles we must pay attention. However this doesn’t come naturally to most people.

Every day you have multiple opportunities to sharpen your power of attention. You have the ability to determine what and where to focus your attention. However, it is easier said than done. We become distracted by things that don’t really matter. The ability to apply focused attention must be learned and that requires practice.

Practice focusing your attention to the task at hand or on a particular object for 10 minutes or more an notice how many times your mind wanders. The only way to improve and acquire this power is by practice – and practice makes perfect.


4 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect 

  1. This, this, this.

    I’ve seen this ‘Master Key’ stuff before… do you have an overview (or introduction) post that explains more?

    I’m still nosing around your blog, so I may run across it myself if it’s here. 🙂


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