Mental Housecleaning 

This week the Master Key give us the analogy of building a house to reflect on the idea of creating and clearing out our minds. If you had the means and opportunity to build your dream house, how careful would you be in the planning and details. When it comes to building our mental homes it should be no different. 

Lesson 5: 12,16

If we are storing impressions of fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, anger, jealousy and doubt etc.  – then we are building our house with negative materials.  When this happens we sometimes feel like our life is spinning out of our control and we are spurred on by the countless negative opinions of others. 

It’s time to clear out our minds and refuse to be guided by the mental garbage and store nothing but positive, courageous thoughts. Use only the best materials (thoughts) and see if you can transform your house into a place of tranquil splendor. 


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